Continuing Medical Education



Continuing medical education (CME) comprises of educational activities that actively sustain/enhance the practitioner skills, knowledge, and performance to improve healthcare and patient outcomes. In addition to enhancing practice competence, CME advances practitioners as educators and researchers…Read more





Continuing Professional Development



Although CPD and CME are used interchangeably, there exists a clear disparity between the two. CME is a part of CPD; CPD caters to a wide spectrum of competencies required for high-quality medical practice, including medical, managerial, ethical, social and personal skills…Read more





CME Picture in India



Dr P.T. Jayawickramarajah, co-ordinator at the WHO’s regional office for South-East Asia in New Delhi, says that there is need for doctors in India to undergo “good quality CME.” Based on the importance of CME in maintaining practice competence, the Medical Council of India is actively campaigning for CME to be made compulsory. Furthermore… Read more