CME Picture in India


Dr. P.T. Jayawickramarajah, co-ordinator at the WHO’s regional office for South-East Asia in New Delhi, says that there is a need for doctors in India to undergo “good quality CME.”


Based on the importance of CME in maintaining practice competence, the Medical Council of India is actively campaigning for CME to be made compulsory. Furthermore, efforts by regional medical councils in making CME mandatory lend an encouraging picture. The Delhi Medical Council with over 24,000 doctors has made it mandatory for its members to complete 100 hours of CME every five years before they can re-register. Other states like Maharashtra, Kerala and Punjab has made CME mandatory for the doctors and have structured guidelines for conducting CME.


Many physicians in the Indian capital have undergone CME programs conducted by Delhi Medical Council since its start in the year 2000. Educational grants and funding come from a wide variety of organizations for conducting CMEs in India; e.g. Indian Ministry of Health, Medical Council of India, Indian generic drugs companies, and even international organizations like UNICEF.