Planning of CME Activity


Planning of the CME activity and the course curriculum is conducted by our team of medical experts. The course planning involves the following three key features:


  • Identification of practice gaps
  • Strategies to address the identified gaps in order to facilitate enhanced/improved patient outcomes
  • Metrics to evaluate if the learning has been successful (outcomes research)


Methods of Identifying Practice Gaps


  • Assessment of patient safety data
  • Comparative discernment of national standards of care and global standards of care
  • Insights drawn from surveys; our specialists keenly observe the survey data to decipher practice trends
  • Observational learning of trends from top areas of litigation
  • Researching emerging treatments and their regional clinical relevance


Strategies to Address the Identified Gaps


All the CME programs are our strategies to address the practice gaps. All educational materials are peer-reviewed by the editorial committee of our academy, and all conflict of interest issues resolved, with all relevant and appropriate information disclosed to the authorities and learners.


Metrics to Evaluate the Learning


All the learners will be judged unbiased and robust rules will be laid in place to ensure successful and high quality learning.