Advertising and Promoting


All our educational activities, be it online or printed materials will be free of marketing or advertising; they will contain no details of any brand.

None of our activities are permitted to be used or marketed by corporate entities. This is to ensure that there exists no commercial relationship between us and the corporate entity.

No images that are outside the relevance to the course content may be used.


Commercial Support Guidelines


Only after a thorough review, we will consider accepting commercial support; our review will ensure that the activity is independent of commercial interest and that it is indeed evidence-based and needs-based learning activity.

A commercial interest can be defined as a body producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing healthcare goods or services consumed by, or used, on patients. Commercial support stands for financial or in-kind contributions presented by a commercial interest in order to cover the CME expenses entirely or in part. In-kind contributions refer to the loan or donation of supplies from a commercial interest.


Conflict of Interest


Our organization ensures that all persons involved in regulating the course content (planners, faculty, reviewers, etc.) disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest. A relevant financial relationship signifies any financial relationship of any amount done within the past one year that creates a conflict of interest. Any person involved in the CME activity will be obliged to disclose the financial relationships of a spouse or partner.

We are transparent in providing our learners with the conflict of interest disclosure; disclosures will be published in the learning material and sometimes is posted with sign-in forms so that it can be viewed by learners prior to start of the activity.




The types of personal information we collect from learners include name, email addresses, phone numbers, professional affiliations, and post-test scores. We value the privacy of our learners; no personal information will be sold to or shared with any organization/individual. We use the personal information solely for registration purposes, to better understand learner interests, knowledge, and competence, and to provide learners with information about future activities. During sign-in, you will be presented with an option of choosing to receive updates about future CME activities and services. When you receive notification about an upcoming CME activity, you may opt-out of future notifications.

We may use your personal information collected when you visit our website for aggregate analysis alone and not for analysis of individual users. System logs and cookies may be used to analyze the traffic to our website and to understand usage patterns.

Notwithstanding the above policy, we may disclose your personal information if required to comply with legal requirements.