Managing poor prognosis patients in ART

By Dr. Peter Humaidan

This CME intends to provide an overview on overcoming barriers while managing poor prognosis patients in ART. It explains about individualized approaches to ART, frozen embryo transfer, poor responder patients and other vital perspectives. It also highlights the Bologna-ESHRE criteria for poor responders and the Poseidon stratification. Lastly, it gives a gist about future potential solutions for low prognosis.

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Uncontrolled diabetes and invasive mucormycosis

By Dr. Vikas Deswal

This CME intends to provide a complete overview on invasive mucormycosis in patients with uncontrolled diabetes inclusive of interesting case reports, prognosis, mycology and treatment aspects. Key aspects like timely diagnosis, source control, multidisciplinary approaches as well as use of effective antifungals like liposomal amphotericin, posaconazole and isavuconazole have been discussed elaborately.

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Early diagnosis of DPN-Hits and Misses

By Dr. Arun Bal

This CME intends to highlight an important diagnostic challenge for clinicians, namely DPN, along with clinical insights for enabling its accurate diagnosis. Complications w.r.t delayed diagnosis of DPN and vital screening tools like Semmes-Weinstein monofilament examination, tuning fork test, ankle reflex and questionnaires like MNSI, TSS etc. are elaborately discussed. Important diagnostics like QST, sudomotor function testing, NCS, skin punch biopsy and corneal confocal microscopy are also discussed.

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Evolving trends in DPN management

By Dr. Rajesh Kesavan

This CME intends to provide an overview on emerging diagnostic modalities and novel therapeutic agents for DPN. Emerging diagnostics like novel systemic biomarkers, evoked responses to external small-fibre stimuli, corneal confocal microscopy, bedside tests and imaging techniques along with novel therapeutic agents like metanx, erythropoietin analogue, phVEGF165 gene transfer and hHGF gene transfer are highlighted.

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Our Faculty

Dr. Peter Humaidan

Specialist in reproductive endocrinology, Professor at The Fertility Clinic at Skive Regional Hospital, Aarhus University, Denmark, and Honorary Professor at Odense University, Denmark.

Dr. Vikas Deswal

MBBS, MD PDF-Infectious diseases (CMC Vellore) Consultant, Infectious diseases Medanta, The Medicity.

Dr. Arun Bal

MBBS, MS (General Surgery) President of the DFSI President, Association for Consumers Action on Safety and Health Founder Member, Forum For Medical Ethics General surgeon specializing in the Diabetic Foot since 1984.

Dr. Rajesh Kesavan

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Fellowship in Podiatric Surgery Secretary of the DFSI Specialist in Diabetic Foot Management Podiatric Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai.